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Expert Days 2011



Application Hacking

תאריך: 10 ביולי 2011

מרצה: ארז מטולה


Our applications are under attack on a daily basis, facing sophisticated attacks targeted at "security bugs" in the code we develop. Exposed in the hostile internet or intranet network, our software must withstand malicious user's attempts trying breaking into it, steal its data, disable its services, or perform any other unauthorized operation. Now if you don’t fully understand the risks, or even worse, not aware of - how can you know how to protect against them? The information provided by this course is a MUST for every developer, who should understand the security attacks that his or her code needs to withstand. It's a jungle out there, and as so, only the strong survives – by taking the proper actions to protect our own applications against such threats, learning from the common mistakes.


Securing .NET Application

תאריך: 13 ביולי 2011

מרצה: ארז מטולה


.NET as a security-aware platform provides you with the means of defending your application against malicious users, while taking advantage of the integrated security features provided by the Framework. In this course, we'll talk about what countermeasures we should take in order to harden our code against attackers. We must be ready for them, since it's only a matter of time until they come over for a "visit". Let's make sure they won’t stay for long!

קישור: http://www.e4d.co.il/Events/ExpertDays2011/Courses/Details/3


.NET Hacking using Reverse Engineering Techniques

תאריך: 14 ביולי 2011

מרצה: ארז מטולה


.NET as a managed code environment can be easily reversed engineered. Reverse engineering techniques can be used to expose internal secrets such as passwords, encryption keys, algorithms, etc. It can also be used in order to change the behavior of compiled code (EXE/DLL), and even the behavior of the .NET framework itself. We will talk about IL and the CLR, and discuss the different approaches to reversing, such as decompilation, debugging, packing/unpacking, patching and more. We will also see how the framework itself can be reversed and thereby influence the applications running on top of it, for example by exposing hidden .NET functionality or exposing low level vulnerabilities. Finally, we will talk about the influence of all of this on the software licensing problem.

קישור: http://www.e4d.co.il/Events/ExpertDays2011/Courses/Details/5